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Aihe Eco Charters & Water Taxi on Freshwater River, Stewart Island

Aihe on Freshwater River

Freshwater River, Stewart Island

Freshwater River

Aihe Eco Charters & Water Taxi at Freshwater Landing, Stewart Island

Aihe at Freshwater Landing

Aihe - Freshwater River Cruise

The Freshwater River Cruise is a thrilling adventure across Paterson Inlet and long the winding Freshwater River to Freshwater Landing.  The cruise is 2 hours and we spend approx. 10 - 15 minutes at the Landing to view the area, take photos, and walk along the swingbridge (optional) to check out Freshwater Hut, before travelling, down the river. Time permitting, we may explore part of the northern shore of Paterson Inlet, including Kaipipi Bay and Faith, Hope and Charity Islands.

Along the way, look out for wildlife and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  Your skipper will provide information about the area and it's interesting history

Map of Where Cruise Operates

The Freshwater River cruise travels from Golden Bay Wharf, upto the head of Paterson Inlet and along Freshwater River to Freshwater Landing and back.

Map - Aihe - Freshwater River Cruise, Stewart Island

Cruise Summary

Cruise Summary Aihe - Freshwater River Cruise
Cruise Take an thrilling cruise along the winding, primeval Freshwater River, to Freshwater Landing.  Enjoy the scenery and any wildlife present. Take a short break at Freshwater Landing to view the area and to take photos before returning. Time permitting, visit picturesque Kaipipi Bay and Faith, Hope and Charity islands.
Wildlife Encounters Some of the wildlife we have seen on our cruise include:
Little blue penguins, occasionally yellow-eyed penguins, white-fronted terns, oystercatchers, Stewart Island shag, spotted shag, pied shag, little black shag, swans, kingfisher. Bottle-nosed dolphins occasionally.
Duration 2 hours
Cost Adult $130.00. Child $95.00
Conservation We donate $1.00 p.p. per tour into our conservation fund.
Minimum 4 persons (see our Specials)
Maximum 9 persons - limited by Dept. of Conservation permits issued to commercial vessel.
Children Suitable for children from 10 years. Younger children are allowed at the discretion of management.
Available All year round, subject to demand and access to Freshwater River.
Times Varies - based on high tide and daylight hours.
Departure / Return Point Golden Bay Wharf: 10 - 15 minutes walk from the centre of Oban Village.
Licensed shuttle service available if required $6.00 p.p. one way or $12.00 p.p. return to and from Golden Bay Wharf.
Fitness Ability to get on and off boat. Optional short walk 5 - 10 minutes at Freshwater Landing.