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Bullers Mollymawks

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Yellow-eyed Penguin

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Spotted Shag

Aihe - Paterson Inlet Wildlife Cruise

If you are seeking a leisurely and informative opportunity to view wildlife in small groups, you will enjoy our Aihe - Paterson Inlet Wildlife Cruise.

Our cruise is based in Paterson Inlet, see the map below.  It may visit Prices Peninsula and time permitting, Kaipipi Bay.  We take time seeking out and viewing wildlife, whilst enjoying the scenery and some hidden bays and beaches. Your Skipper will provide interesing facts about wildlife seen.

Each trip is different, along with the season and conditions on the day, so our wildlife encounters will vary from day to day. Now and then we are all - including the Skipper, squealing in delight at something special from dolphins to yellow-eyed penguins. Our cruise also provides some excellent photo opportunities.

Map of Where Cruise Operates

Our cruise generally operates within / around the area shown below.  We may visit other nearby areas within Paterson Inlet to work in with conditions on the day, opportunities for wildlife encounters and client interests.

Map of Aihe - Paterson Inlet Wildlife Cruise

Cruise Summary

Cruise Summary Aihe - Paterson Inlet Wildlife Cruise
Cruise Enjoy a leisurely and informative cruise aboard Aihe, seeking out wildlife encounters in Paterson Inlet, whilst enjoying scenery and some hidden places. Your crew will provide information about wildlife seen and ensure you have time for excellent photo opportunities. The cruise may visit Prices Peninsula and time permitting Kaipipi Bay.
Wildlife Encounters Some of the wildlife we have seen on our cruise include:
Little blue penguins, occasionally yellow-eyed penguins, white-capped and bullers mollymawks, white-fronted terns, pied and black phase oystercatchers, Stewart Island shag, spotted shag, pied shag, little black shag.  Bottle-nosed dolphins and fur seals ocassionally.
Duration 2.5 hours / 1.5 hours / 1 hour
Cost 2.5 hours: Adult $130.00. Child $95.00
1.5 hours: Adult $95.00.   Child $75.00
1 hour:      Adult $75.00.   Child $55.00
Conservation We donate $1.00 p.p. per tour into our conservation fund.
Minimum 2.5 hours: 4 persons
1.5 hours: 3 persons
1 hour:      3 persons (or operates for 2 with 15.00 p.p. surcharge)
Maximum 10 persons (for a better experience, though we can take 12)
Children Suitable for children from 10 years.  Younger children are allowed at the discretion of management.
Available All year round, subject to demand.
Times October to March: 9.00 am to 11.30am or 1.45 pm to 4.15 pm
  April and September: 9.00 am to 11.30 am or 1.45 pm to 4.15 pm
  May to August: 10.00 am to 12.30 pm
Departure / Return Point

Golden Bay Wharf: 10 - 15 minutes walk from the centre of Oban Village.
Licensed shuttle service available if required $6.00 p.p. one way or $12.00 p.p. return to and from Golden Bay Wharf.

Fitness Ability to get on and off boat. No walking involved.