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Aihe Eco Charters & Water Taxi at North Big Glory Hunter's Hut

View from North Big Glory

Inside Hapuatuna Hunter's Hut

Inside Hunters Hut

View from Hapuatuna Hunter's Hut

View from Hapuatuna

Hunter Transport

We operate a water taxi service for hunters throughout the year. We recommend prior bookings especially during peak months (November to April).

Other Services for Hunters

We also assist with:

  • Hire of dinghy, outboard motor, lifejackets
  • Hire of cooking and eating equipment
  • Hire of gas bottle
  • Hire of VHF radio and assistance in setting up radio schedules with Stewart Island Marine Radio
  • Assistance with ordering firewood / kindling / coal
  • Asssitance ordering grocery stores
  • Licensed road transfers to and from water taxi departure point
  • Travel to and from Stewart Island
  • Accommodation in Stewart Island / Invercargill / Bluff before / after hunting trips.

Virginian Whitetail Deer and Red Deer

Virginian whitetail deer were first released in Stewart Island and now occur throughout the island.  Red deer from Europe were also liberated here and are mostly in the central and northwest part of Stewart Island.

Stewart Island is considered to be the best place to hunt Virginian whitetail deer and hunters come from throughout New Zealand with some travelling from Australia, US and Scandinavian countries.

Hunting Permits

Information on booking hunting blocks, hunting permits and hunters huts can be found on the Department of Conservation website:


Hunting Blocks & Hunters Huts / Camps

This map is currently being developed.  In the meantime, some details are shown below.

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Water Taxi Departs From / Returns to

Our boat operates mainly from Golden Bay Wharf. Some trips depart / return to Halfmoon Bay Wharf. We will arrange which wharf to use, at the time of booking.


Licensed Road Transport to and from Wharves

Shuttle transfers are available to and from Golden Bay Wharf or Halfmoon Bay Wharf should you require. Golden Bay Wharf is 10 - 15 minutes walk from the centre of Oban Village. Halfmoon Bay Wharf is in Oban Village where ferries from Bluff arrive.


Hunter Transport Standard Rates

The table below shows standard rates for hunters that includes the hunter, a pack and rifle.

Additional costs will apply to excess gear and dinghy / outboard motor transport. Contact us to discuss your requirements and for our quote.

All trips operate subject to prior booking and suitable weather and sea conditions.

We donate $1.00 p.p. per trip into our Conservation Fund.

Destination Block Adult
NZ$ p.p.
Paterson Inlet      
Little Glory Cove 25 65.00 3
South Big Glory 26 70.00 4
Mid-Big Glory 27 70.00 4
North Big Glory 28 65.00 3
Hapuatuna 29 60.00 3
Abrahams Bay 30 60.00 3
South West Arm 31 65.00 3
Rakeahua* 32 85.00 4
Freds Camp 33 65.00 3
Freshwater River* 34 70.00 3
North Arm* 35 65.00 3
Stewart Island East Shore      
Maori Beach 1 60.00 3
Bungaree 2 80.00 4
Murray River 3 85.00 4
Rollers 4 90.00 4
Christmas Village 5 120.00 4

Rates shown are one way.

We donate $1.00 p.p. per trip into our conservation fund.

* Trips are tide dependent and subject to daylight hours

To book transport for hunters - use our Booking Form for Hunters


Hire Gear

The table below shows the cost of hire gear for hunters.

Destination Upto 6 Days Upto 10 Days
Dinghy hire TBC TBC
Outboard motor hire TBC TBC
Lifejackets (per item) 15.00 25.00
VHF radio 30.00 40.00
Pot or frying pan (various sizes) 10.00 15.00
Cooking utensils 10.00 10.00
Plate / bowl / cup per set 5.00 10.00
Cutlery per set nil nil
Two-ring gas camping cooker 30.00 50.00
Gas bottle - 9 kg TBC TBC
Gas cooker - backpackers 10.00 15.00
Gas canister - 230g (sale) 10.00  
Biodegradable rubbish bags (sale) 2.00  

To book hire gear - use our Booking Form for Hunters.