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Cruise Length $
Wildlife Scenery History Marine
Aihe - Paterson Inlet Wildlife Cruise 2.5 hrs 130.00 95.00 ✔︎ ✔︎    
Aihe - Freshwater River Cruise 2 hrs 130.00 95.00   ✔︎    
Aihe - Norwegian Whalers' Base Cruise & Walk 3 hrs 140.00 95.00 ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎  
Aihe - Salmon & Mussel Farms 2 hrs 120.00 85.00       ✔︎

Operating Conditions

Our weather is variable and difficult to predict, including at times, the day prior to departure. We aim to operate our cruises in suitable weather and sea conditions. Our itineraries may alter to take into account conditions on the day. If the weather is not suitable for the cruise of your choice, we will try to offer you an alternative cruise, which you are not obliged to accept.

Important Note

As a small business, we take bookings on a first come basis and recommend prior bookings where possible to avoid disappointment.

As we offer an extensive range of tours and services, it is not feasible to operate a number of difference tours and services at the same time or the same day.  Please book early!